About Us

Find out who we are, our backstory and why we love what we do!

Jack and Sam both started in the real estate business back in 2012 and have never looked back. We’ve gone through the tough markets and the good markets and have seen it all when it comes to buying and selling houses. With that experience we’ve learned to know how we can help others out of tough situations, what to look for in houses we’ve been in and how to be the best damn house flippers in Hampton Roads. We’re super competitive, super driven and straightforward. We dislike the nonsense that comes with sleazy investors and real estate agents, and strive to be the opposite of the perceptions.

About Evolve House Buyers

We live and breath this business and we hope it shows when we talk and meet with you about your house. We keep it honest and communication is our specialty. If we can’t do what you’re looking for, you’ll know, and we won’t waste your time or ours with a bogus offer or a false promise. When we say we can do it, we do and that’s how we like operate and hope you do too!

We work extremely hard to be the best and by doing so, we can deliver you the best possible customer service, offer and experience possible. Don’t settle for less on your house nor with the people you deal with, and in this case, you won’t with us  😎

So…Why Do We Flip Houses?

Great Question!

We do it for the CASH!

Told you we are honest and straightforward  😎

That’s really not the only reason why we do this job. We love putting things together, we love helping others out of situations they do not want to be in and have nowhere to turn. We love making houses that were once down and out the bell of the ball. We are passionate about what we do, and in turn that does make us money, but without the ability to be creative, help others and have joy, the money wouldn’t matter.

Who Is Evolve House Buyers?

Owner of Evolve House Buyers, Sam


You may have seen me in some videos on Facebook or YouTube talking about buying your house. Acting is not in my DNA  😎. I am the older of the two brothers and am more of the face of the company due to my stunning good looks and charm. Jack will say it’s something like that lol. Don’t let my serious photo fool you, I am easy going and like to have fun! I am compassionate, caring, straightforward, open and competitive. Read More…

Owner Of Evolve House Buyers, Jack


Jack is the engine of the company, and without him we wouldn’t be where we are. No really, and older brother (Sam, yes I am writing this) is giving the younger brother credit. Jack is very analytical, smart, competitive, honest hard worker who will get the job done no matter the circumstance. You often will deal with Jack on your initial consultation and he will walk you through the steps of the house selling process. Read more…

At the end of the day, our job is to give you great offers! We want you to accept them because we will make more money, you will be happy with your offer and everyone wins! We do not believe in nickel and dime offers, re-negotiating, taking advantage of desperate sellers,etc. like our competitors. We will offer you an amazingly fair offer, based on data and in the end, we firmly believe it will provide YOU the best possible outcome. We get our business done, and we close when you need it, and at the end of the day, living up to our word is what matters most in business.

We Are: Evolve House Buyers

About Us And Who We Are

We are Cash Home Buyers in Hampton Roads! We rehab and flip houses in Hampton Roads and all over Virginia. We buy houses in Hampton Roads from people that no longer want to own their house for whatever reason no matter the situation. We know how important it is to receive a offer offer on your house, and we take that part of the process very seriously. We are not here to waste your time with absurdly low offers, complicated terms or shady back dealings. We are not here to take advantage of anyone. From our experience, we have learned that being upfront, transparent,straightforward and honest will end up with everyone being happy. That is what we base our entire team on.

About Our Credibility

We let our actions do the talking. It is too much time and effort to fake reviews, fake being honest and frankly fake the authentication of being passionate about what we do. Everything we do is driven by our competitive spirit. We show that day in and day out by striving to be better than the day before and putting in the effort that is required to be the best house flipping company in Hampton Roads.

We truly believe by living up to the highest standards possible, and striving to be the best, we will in turn deliver you the best offers, the fairest prices and the most transparent and open experience you can deal with in selling your house. We pull no punches, what you see is what you get and we hope you recognize that as you deal with us throughout the journey of selling your house.

We are documenting our progress as we progress through rehabbing homes, so we hope you can follow us along in our journey, see how we operate, the quality of work we do and the different situations we find ourselves in. click here .

About Our Pledge To You

Fairness. Honesty. Compassion. Straightforward. Those are the words we keep referencing, because those are the words we live by. We promise to do our very best to uphold those high standards, and deliver you the best possible experience you can receive when selling your home to us. We will not take advantage of troubled situations, dire circumstances or someone’s distress. We believe in showing that compassion and delivering a win-win situation, and we know you do too!

“Treat people how you would like to be treated”

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