Make The Choice:

List With An Agent Or Sell To A Cash Buyer

Should I list With An Agent Or Sell To A Cash Buyer?

If you have made it this far on our site, you probably are seriously considering selling your property one way or another. The choice between listing with an agent and working with a cash buyer is very different. You will find out with us, a very honest and transparent view on the pros and cons of both.

You may be wondering…”why would I ever sell my house to a stranger”? What if I told you, no matter what you decide to do, a stranger is going to buy your house, agent or not. You may also think, “well an agent will vet the buyers”…think again! So when should you list with an agent or sell to a cash buyer? Let me show you”

When To List With An Agent And When Not To List:

You can afford to wait 3+ months waiting for the right buyer to come along.

You can afford to pay 3+ months of holding costs (taxes, insurance, mortgage,etc.)

Your house does not need any work.

You are OK with paying an agent 6% of your sales price towards commissions.

You are ready for your house to be shown to tons of strangers, nitpicked to death.

If you are in the above situation, list your home!

It May Be Rather Obvious When To List It, But How About When NOT To List It?

Look, we have nothing against real estate agents. In fact, we have some on our team and often times they’re invaluable to finding out necessary information. However, when it comes to selling a home, unless your house is show ready, near perfect condition and you’re OK with letting strangers through your door constantly, there is another way, dare we say it, BETTER way if your house is not brand spanking new.

What If My House Is Not New?

OK, so not every house is going to look this bad. However, many houses that we come across are similar to what you’re seeing or they need a lot of cosmetic repairs to get the property show ready. This could cost $10,000+ to do. Yikes! So what should you do if your house needs repairs, needs work and you are not in a position to wait around to figure it out?

First Things, First…

It is crucial to determine what your house can be listed at, in its current condition. We often use the term fair market value and in a nutshell that is what we mean when we say this. This is not as simple as just saying “lower it just a little from the top dollar properties and it will sell”. You see, Buyers are very finicky when it comes to buying a home. A lot of buyers want NEW. That’s why we flip houses, because it is what the people want. A lot of times it is just psychological. If a Buyer sees ugly, they assume the WHOLE house needs work and writes your home off as not worth the trouble. Plus, if they are interested, they are going to factor in all the costs and time it takes to fix your house…

Which of the following two houses would you purchase if you were a buyer?

Option 1:

A house that is listed for $200k, in perfect condition that has all the bells and whistles to it. Nothing needs to be done.

Option 2:

A house that will be worth $200k all fixed up, but needs $30k in work to it and is listed for $170k.

You’d likely be choosing option 1. The risk of repair costs being overrun, more hidden issues and more are not worth the trouble or headache of option 2.

You’d want an even bigger price cut, but how much?

There is a good chance that you would want to take more of a price cut to pay for the time it takes for you to work on the house, time is money! It can be stressful, cause anxiety and make you lose your hair, believe me, we go through it everyday.

We had to move walls, and take this down to the studs. Do you know how long that takes? As you can see, there is a monetary penalty when it comes to houses that are not perfect when you list with an agent. Repairs are not just estimated by the cost of materials and labor but so much more. Risk, time, holding cost, uncertainties, one’s trouble to tackle it all, have a monetary value.

But that is not the full story…

Remember how we mentioned having to move walls and take the above house down to the studs…well what happens when you do that and a whole new set of issues emerge. That $30k budget goes out the window, and instead of having that house below market, you are negative equity just trying to get it back to being on par with the comparable house. No inspection will reveal the full extent of problems until you begin the work. Buyers will want an even bigger discount.

You have to put yourself in the mind of a buyer. Buying a house is one of the most stressful times in one’s life, and when you couple that with needing to put thousands of dollars into the property, it could create a massive headache. With that understanding, do you really think a buyer will want to deal with the hassle of tons of paperwork, inspections, loan approvals, contractors, delays, not being able to enjoy the home for months etc.

You see, with all of the above added issues to fuel the fire, buyers won’t be asking for just a slight discount, that discount will be MASSIVE.We have established that, if you list your house (that needs work) with an agent, the price will be significantly lowered. Homeowners do not realize this and this is the main reason why houses sit on the market for so long, and then homeowners are baffled why their house doesn’t sell for a “reasonable” price.

What does “time on market” mean in monetary terms?

Holding Costs!

While the house is sitting on the market, you pay insurance, taxes, utility bills, heating, ac, lawn care and maintenance! Not to mention closing costs and agent fees if it sells.

Homeowners need to be in the know when it is indeed best to list and when it is best not to list. By all means opt for an agent if you have enough value in the house to account for agent fees, closing costs, holding costs and selling fees to still make it worth the sale.

In conclusion, to answer the question: “What Is The Best Way To Sell My House Fast?“, the honest answer is “It Depends!”

List With An Agent Or Sell To A Cash Buyer?

It depends on your timeline, your funds available, the condition of your house and if you are willing to do the repairs yourself or not.

Listing your house in Hampton Roads with an agent is not for everyone. Listing a new house with an agent  has a penalty of agent fees, commissions and closing costs.


Most homeowners do not live in a brand new home! For an older house for sale in Connecticut, as an example, that is in need  of some repair or updating, listing it with an agent has the following monetary penalties on your net gain:

The house not being in top condition has a price penalty. – No one will pay full market value for a house in need of repair.

The mere fact that work still needs to be done is causing stress and has a monetary penalty.

The actual cost of the repairs is a monetary penalty.

Agent fees and commission is (obviously) a monetary penalty

The risk associated with not knowing, what else is in bad shape will demand a lower price, and thus is a monetary penalty.

As you can see now, selling to a cash buyer is a very valid option. If you are wondering “I need to sell my house fast” keep this in mind: Cash buyers are not agents and usually there are no closing costs or agent fees to pay. Also  purchases are as is, which means there is no need for repairs. Also as cash buyers are dealing with private money, there are no bank approvals and we can close quickly. Think about it before you list with an agent!

If you want to find out how much a cash buyer like us, would offer in cash for your house in Hampton Roads before you make a commitment to list it please get in touch with us. Call Us! 757-279-7058