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The Premier Home Buyers In Hampton Roads

We Are Evolve House Buyers and we are the real deal when it comes to house buying in the Hampton Roads area

Yes! That means Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk and anywhere else you can think of in the Hampton Roads area. Phew!

We Buy Houses, but not just any kind of houses we buy houses ALL over Hampton Roads that often times are unwanted or neglected. We buy nice houses too, but our specialty is the houses that need some work. Don’t believe me, see for yourself…

We Buy Houses In Any Condition

We keep it simple. We are strategic in our design and rehab process, and focus on making our houses as nice as possible in the most cost effective way. What does that mean for you?

By keeping our costs down, and receiving a nice profit when we sell, we’re confident when we make you higher offers than our competitors, that we will make some money and so will you. Everyone wins 😉 but shh, keep that between us!

However, we love what we do. We love making houses that were once unwanted and unloved into the gem of the neighborhood. If we can help you out of a situation you do not want to be in, make money while doing so, and help improve house values in the area, well, we are then just living the dream! If you are curious how much your offer would be, click below…

We Are Legit House Buyers In Hampton Roads

Our stats don’t lie, we buy houses in Hampton Roads for cash. If you have a house for sale in Hampton Roads and it has not gotten an offer and you are in need of selling, call us today and talk to a real team of home buyers who will give you a fair, real offer. 100% FREE, No obligation, no nonsense.

Sold Houses

Not only do we have the stats to back it up, we pride ourselves in doing everything the right way, by the book. As you can see in the picture above, we care about what we do. We are fully licensed to operate in Virginia, and we even have real estate agents on our team to ensure we follow all state guidelines. If you go with us, we will not let you down.

Doing It The Right Way

Doing it the right way is very important to us. We take pride in our work, we value each and every seller we speak to and we focus on problem solving, providing value and creating opportunities. We love what we do, and we hope you see that the passion we have for flipping house shows not only in our work but in our understanding of each and every individual situation and that we handle it with compassion, respect, and integrity.

You can be certain that when you fill out one of our forms, you will speak to someone from our team who is understanding, compassionate and knowledgeable. By trusting us, you will receive a fair offer on your house, for cash, anywhere in Hampton Roads. Our aim is to close when YOU want to, so you can walk away with cash in your pocket. We are the best for a reason, and we hope you give us a shot to prove you right!

We Aim To Be Different

Premier House Buying Company In Hampton Roads

We are not your typical real estate investing company. We aim to be knowledgeable and keep everything low key. We don’t brag because we don’t have to, we let our actions and our results speak for themselves. Integrity, pride in work, honesty and creativity are all key aspects of what we do as a company.

How We Got Started

How We Got Started

Evolve House Buyers was started by two brothers who are driven by competition and creativity. By combining those two key elements into the work world, Sam and Jack narrowed their business ideas to jobs where they could build something worthwhile and make a difference. Our Mom always watches a lot of HGTV, so one day, we were watching one of the many flipping shows that they have, and said “you know what, we can do this too”. And with that, Evolve House Buyers was born. We quickly started buying and rehabbing houses and never looked back, continually improving and pushing one another to be the very best house flipping company in the region.

We Buy Houses All Over Hampton Roads

Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Compassion are just a few of the ways we treat every seller we come into contact with.

Credibility and honesty goes a long way in determining if you should work with someone or not. That is why we take so much painstakingly done detail into who we are, what we are about and what we believe in so you can make a decision if we are the right fit for you. We believe after reading what we provide, you will be comfortable working with us!

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The Company

We are a house buying company that offers cash for properties in Hampton Roads Virginia. We buy houses cash. We require no loans or approval from financial institutions which enables us to buy your house fast. We buy houses all over Hampton Roads including: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News and Suffolk in any condition, and location.

The Cash Home Buyer In Hampton Roads Who Makes Fair Offers

We buy our properties with cash. We do not need approvals or appraisals from banks, or other lending institutions to purchase properties in Hampton Roads. This is perfect if your house needs major repairs that are too costly to repair or your house won’t be approved by FHA or VA loans for financing. Buying in cash eliminates all the hurdles and puts cash in your pocket when you need it. With us, you get fair cash offers within 24 hours.

Jack and Sam, Owners of Evolve House Buyers

Thank you for making it this far, we won’t let you down